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How to Prepare My Home to Sell

First step...clean and declutter! Give attention to dirty baseboards. Vacuum and steam clean carpets to freshen them and remove odors. Clean windows and light fixtures and don't forget to dust light bulbs. Place all food items in the refrigerator or pantry and clean appliances as much as possible. Remove trash and unwanted things in your home and depersonalize it of family photos. Secure medications and valuables. You may choose to rent a storage room for items that are important to you but make your home look less roomy.

Next, paint and repair. Be sure to paint in areas where paint is chipped or stained. Repair any items that are broken, paying special attention to your roof and systems such as electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. Be prepared to disclose those things that will remain unrepaired. Some sellers are electing to have specific inspections done to avoid surprises and lost potential buyers. In-Good-Operation reports from repair companies can be offered for viewing along with utility bills.

Now - replace sad furniture or give it a face lift. If your budget is limited, shop Craigslist or similar for better used finds or paint it. Spray paint and chalk paint make it easier. Accessorize with new throws, pillows, & decor from discount stores like Ross. And take down old draperies and rods or draperies not part of the sale. If you wish to dress up a window, IKEA offers good stylish possibilities that won't break the bank. As your full service realtor, Dean Blackmor will offer you specific suggestions too at no cost. 28 years of experience and a large family of "We Do All Things Home" have provided the perfect background for this real estate professional. Dean is well versed himself, but enjoys a tremendous support system including a top notch general contractor, home inspector, electrical contractor, and interior designer! You can put your confidence in his advice.

Ikea Curtains - Rosa Beltran Designs

Ikea Curtains - Rosa Beltran Designs

Last, but not least, mow and get unruly bushes under control. Clean flower beds and mulch if at all possible. Repair fences and gates too. Remember....if your home doesn't pass the curb appeal test, your potential buyers may drive away without ever viewing the interior of your home. In the end a seller may experience a long wait and price reductions in order to sell their property.

We live in a new age of home buyers. They are style savvy and tend to migrate towards and pay the higher dollar for the used home that resembles a model. Applying the tips listed above will give you the edge over other properties, yield you a higher return, and, very likely, reward you with the quick sale you really want.

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